Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Know About the Facts of the NHS Electronic Prescription Service

NHS Electronic Prescription Service

Do you need a repeat prescription on a regular basis? Well, you need to know about a few facts of the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, also called the online repeat prescription service.

Do you know that doctors in the United Kingdom issue approximately 1.5 million paper prescriptions daily, while most of them are repeat prescriptions?

According to a recent survey, in the UK, more than 60 million prescriptions have been dispensed through the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

Approximately 99% of pharmacies offer the NHS Electronic Prescription Service and more than seven million patients have nominated GPhC-registered pharmacies to process their prescription electronically. However, it is estimated that more than 91% GP practices offer the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a system that has been introduced to make patients’ life easy. It helps them to get their repeat prescriptions without much effort. This service enables your GP practice to send prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy without the need for a handwritten script.

You must nominate a medicine dispenser or a pharmacy of your choice to get your regular medicine. With the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, you will not have to visit your GP practice just to collect a paper prescription; everything is done online.

The NHS EPS is absolutely reliable, safe and confidential. Your GP practice, your nominated pharmacy, and the NHS authorities can see your electronic prescription. If you are interested in using the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, talk to your GP practice and pharmacist.

Pharmacy Outlet is one of the registered online pharmacies in the UK. It offers the NHS Electronic Prescription Service to people who reside in England.

Simply nominate Pharmacy Outlet by registering an account and completing the electronic prescription form. Alternatively, you can call 03333 222 400 to get in touch with the customer care team. The free reminder service of this pharmacy will send you an email alert to make you aware about the next prescription due.

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service offered by Pharmacy Outlet is very easy and quick.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Order Prescriptions Online To Get Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Order Prescriptions Online

Do you know you can order prescription online to get Erectile Dysfunction (ED) medication from Pharmacy Outlet by consulting the online doctor service PharmaDoctor?

The online Erectile Dysfunction prescription is issued by a GMC (General Medical Council) registered UK doctor. The prescribed medicine is MHRA-approved and dispensed from Pharmacy Outlet, which is managed by Pharmacentric Limited. The store is located at 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA.

Erectile Dysfunction medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra can be bought from Pharmacy Outlet with complete confidentiality. If you have impotence issue, PharmaDoctor can offer you Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Once prescribed, you can order prescriptions online to get your ED medications through the private prescription service.

You can order your ED medicines from Pharmacy Outlet’s discreet and confidential online service and get it delivered to your home. Make sure you provide exact details of your prescription, contact number, email ID, and the UK address.

Pharmacy Outlet requests you to provide contact details of your GP practice who has issued a private prescription for Erectile Dysfunction. It is essential to make your GP practice aware of the medicine that is supplied.

About ED

Most men suffer from some degree of ED at some point in their lives. It is usually a natural part of ageing, but there are many younger adults with ED. While there are few causes associated with ED, in most cases, it is due to reduced blood flow to the penile organ. It is imperative to keep in mind that ED could be a sign of some underlying condition, so you need to check with your doctor right away.

Erectile Dysfunction medications work by dilating the clogged blood vessels and relaxing the muscles, thereby increasing blood flow to the penile organ to promote an erection.

ED is one of the most embarrassing illnesses and many patients suffer in silence, without undergoing any medical treatment. Although ED can be a difficult condition to deal with, seeking medical help is important to find the right solution.

If you are an ED sufferer and hesitate to consult a doctor, Pharmacy Outlet in association with PharmaDoctor has started the online doctor service to help you cope with ED, without feeling embarrassed.

Suffering From Embarrassing Illness? Use The Repeat Prescription Online Service

Repeat Prescription Online Service

Embarrassing illnesses such as pile (haemorrhoids), worms, diarrhoea, oral thrush, urinary tract infection, urine incontinence, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) need regular medications. It has been found that many Brits suffering from these embarrassing illnesses do not undergo a medical treatment due to hesitation to go to a GP practice or pharmacy.

Chronic constipation, urine incontinence, and IBS are amongst the serious ailments that are highly ignored. According to a recent survey, many people with the aforementioned illnesses are not addressing their issues with a GP practice or pharmacist due to embarrassment.

Hesitating to get a medical treatment due to embarrassment is a potential barrier for people who want to seek medical help. In the UK, more than 5.50 million people suffer from these embarrassing illnesses in silence.

People with such illnesses can now use the repeat prescription online service to get their medicines regularly, without feeling embarrassed. All they need to do is consult a GP practice and nominate a pharmacy that offers the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. It is important to nominate a pharmacy to start getting medicines for treating your conditions. What’s more, you get free delivery right at your doorstep.

While you might think that these embarrassing illnesses are not serious enough to seek medical attention, in many cases, they can potentially lead to serious conditions. Whether it is a GP practice or a pharmacist, you should not suffer in silence. Instead, get rid of the embarrassment and look forward to receiving a medical treatment before it gets too late.

Some patients are timid to bring up such sensitive issues. GPs are well trained to have a non-prejudiced conversation with patients about such embarrassing illnesses. If you are worried about consulting a GP in person, you can make use of an online doctor service, PharmaDoctor, which is affiliated with Pharmacy Outlet.

Pharmacy Outlet closely works in association with PharmaDoctor to help you get treatment for embarrassing illnesses such as diarrhoea, warts & verruca, period pain, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, hair loss, and others.

Send Prescriptions Electronically And Get Your Regular Medicines

Send Prescriptions Electronically

It is quite easy and convenient for a GP to send prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy. This is possible due to the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

The EPS allows a GP practice to send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy that you nominate. With EPS, there is no need for a patient to visit a GP practice just to collect a paper script if they take regular medicines and need a repeat prescription regularly.

First, you must choose a place where your GP practice can send prescriptions electronically. The place could be a chemist or a dispensing appliance contractor. The pharmacist will collect your prescriptions online on the behalf of you from your GP practice via the internet.

There are many GPs and pharmacies in the UK offering the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. Your prescriptions are sent online to the chemist you prefer if your GP practice offers the service. Your GP practice will inform you when to get started with this NHS service.

The electronic prescription service means that there is no need for you to see your GP and collect a paper script when you need your regular medication. You must consult your GP practice for further clinical assessment, when and as required.

Nominate a pharmacy to utilise the Electronic Prescription Service. Typically, there are two ways to do so:
  1. Request your GP practice to nominate a pharmacy for you
  2. Directly nominate a pharmacy of your choice
Your GP can send prescriptions electronically for the repeat prescription as well as the one-off prescription. For the repeat prescriptions, you will be able to continue ordering your repeat medications from an online chemist such as Pharmacy Outlet. What’s more, you have your medicines delivered right to your home if you choose this online pharmacy.

The Electronic Prescription Service is safe, reliable & confidential. Only a GP and a pharmacist affiliated with Pharmacy Outlet can see your prescription for dispensing and delivering your regular medication.

Monday, 21 August 2017

How can I get the Repeat Prescription?

Repeat Prescription Online Service

If you use regular medications to control your chronic condition, you will be able to get your repeat prescription in a few convenient ways in the UK.

With each repeat prescription, you will find a computer slip that contains the list of medications prescribed. The online repeat prescription service helps to inform you about your prescription needs after clinical assessment by a GP for a further issue of a prescription.

Pharmacy Outlet offers the repeat prescription online service if you take medicines regularly to treat your chronic condition.

Following are the ways to get your repeat prescriptions:
  • Online – You can order your repeat prescription online through the Pharmacy Outlet Electronic Prescription Service
  • Post – Post your repeat prescription script to the address – 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA
  • In Person – You can visit the aforementioned address and give your prescription in person
  • Fax – Call 03333 222 400 to understand how to fax your repeat prescription
If you want to get started with the repeat prescription online service; it is essential to nominate Pharmacy Outlet. You must allow at least 48 hours for processing the prescription.

The service is usually not indicated for those who do not get their repeat prescription and collect their regular medicines from different chemists at all times.

Repeat dispensing is the most convenient way of getting your medicines without the need to visiting your GP. If your repeat prescription is regular and fixed, the repeat prescription online service is the perfect way of getting your medication.

Your GP practice will issue a repeat prescription online to your pharmacy so that you get your medications delivered to your home. Make sure you place your order your medicine one week before running out of supply.

Although everything is managed online, you must check with your GP practice for regular check-ups. The pharmacist will be able to advise you when to check with your GP for reviewing your medications.

Pharmacy Outlet offers the repeat prescription online service to patients who need regular medications. It is imperative to talk to your GP practice and dispenser first if you want to change or cancel the nomination.

Get Private Prescription Online For Impotence Meds

Private Prescription Online Service

It is a legal requirement to offer a valid prescription in order to buy impotence medicines online in the UK.

Pharmacy Outlet closely works in association with the online doctor service, PharmaDoctor to provide private prescription online. The service has been introduced to offer patients with an online consultation for buying certain prescription medicine, including erectile dysfunction medicines.

If your GP practice has prescribed a prescription medicine for treating your erectile dysfunction issue, you can purchase it online through the private prescription online service through Pharmacy Outlet.

Alternatively, you can order impotence meds through the online doctor service, PharmaDoctor. It is important to complete a short medical questionnaire and select your impotence medicine.

PharmaDoctor will be able to evaluate your information and approve your ED treatment if found suitable. With the private prescription online service, you have to pay for the impotence medicine and get it delivered right to your home.

PharmaDoctor is a perfect service for private prescription online

  • You can order private prescription online for impotence medicine with PharmaDoctor
  • You need to pay for the cost of the treatment cost and the private prescription online fee
  • You will be undergoing through a secured, confidential and discreet online GP consultation through one of the UK’s GMC registered doctors
  • Safe and secure online payment
If your doctor has issued a private prescription for any impotence medicine (Viagra, Cialis or Levitra), you can purchase it from Pharmacy Outlet and get it delivered to the address of your choice. The process is very simple and convenient. Furthermore, this service is cheap than high street pharmacies.

You can get free delivery if you order above £40 via private prescription online service.

Call the helpful team member on 03333 222 400, who will be able to assist you how to use the private prescription online service. If you do not have a private prescription, you can consult the online doctor servicePharmaDoctor to get your medicines delivered through Pharmacy Outlet.

Remember that a valid prescription is essential before ordering impotence medicines online.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Ordering Prescriptions Online From Pharmacy Outlet

Order Prescriptions Online

Pharmacy Outlet is a licensed online pharmacy that closely works in an association with the online doctor service called PharmaDoctor, which can assist you to order prescription online without any hassle.

PharmaDoctor offers an online GP service to more than 1,000 high street pharmacies in the UK, including Pharmacy Outlet. The online GP service is quite easy to implement, which allows a pharmacy to consult patients online through a GP registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). The online consultation can be done through a website or through the online pharmacy.

The online GP service is a speedily expanding market that is driven by the demand of people for easy access to the trustworthy source of prescriptions. It is estimated that over 200,000 patients are using this service on a regular basis to order prescriptions online.

Since its inception, PharmaDoctor has issued over 70,000 prescriptions to approximately 35,000 patients. There are more than 140 treatments available through the online doctor service.

PharmaDoctor is an independent service and treats all the pharmacies the same.
  • PharmaDoctor uses the consumer legislation and provides money back guarantee service in case the medicine does not arrive
  • Low price on the repeat prescription orders – a prescription charge is included in the cost of the treatment
  • It is the most reliable and cheapest consultation GP service in the UK      
  • It assures you that the services are audited and controlled by the MHRA in the UK
The GP-patient system of PharmaDoctor is an advanced system in the market. The service usually allows an easy communication to resolve any queries related to treatments.

It follows the Data Protection Legislation and regularly updates its security policy. The customer service team handles the medical as well as the non-medical issues efficiently. A medical survey has found that PharmaDoctor is valued as the most trusted and cost-effective online GP service provider in the UK.

You can order prescriptions online through Pharmacy Outlet after consulting PharmaDoctor.