Friday, 16 June 2017

Prescriptions Online UK – Pharmacy Outlet

Pharmacy Outlet is the UK’s online pharmacy that offers prescriptions online UK to people in England. The service is an easy way to have your NHS prescriptions online UK.
The NHS Electronic Prescription Service takes care of every little thing so that you meet your prescription needs through Pharmacy Outlet.
Getting prescriptions online UK is quite easy through Pharmacy Outlet.
This GPhC-registered online pharmacy offers the NHS prescriptions online service without any hassle. You just need to nominate Pharmacy Outlet to get going with the online prescription service.
Why choose Pharmacy Outlet?
  • Prescription Arrangement
Your GP sends prescription to the Pharmacy Outlet through internet. Your prescription is arranged with your prescribing GP; you need to require going to your doctor to get paper prescription. The prescription is electronically sent to Pharmacy Outlet by using the NHS electronic prescription service (EPS).
  • Safe, Quick and Free delivery
Your medication is delivered without a charge. The pharmacist of Pharmacy Outlet will dispense your prescription that is delivered free to your chosen UK address.
  • Free Reminder Service
The helpful customer care team will help you make aware of your next prescription due through an email alert. This prevents you from running out of the medicine.
According to a survey, nearly 96% of patients think that the prescription online UK service is a very convenient way to meet the medicinal need rather than visiting a GP to pick up paper prescription.
How does Pharmacy Outlet’s online prescription UK service work?
After registering and nominating Pharmacy Outlet, one can request or order repeat prescriptions online whenever they need them. Patients will also be able to get an email alert regarding the next prescription due.
Your online prescription is arranged with your prescribing GP who will be able to send your prescription to Pharmacy Outlet, electronically. The pharmacist dispenses your medication and delivers it to the place you prefer in the UK.
For any questions related to prescription online UK service, please call on 03333 222 400.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Choose Pharmacy Outlet For Repeat Prescription Service

Many patients in UK often use the NHS repeat prescriptions service to get fulfil their prescription, according to survey.
Pharmacy Outlet, one of the UK’s online pharmacies, offers repeat prescription service, if your prescribing GP practices in England?
The Pharmacy Outlet’s Repeat Prescription Service will take care of your prescription that you need regularly to manage your chronic condition. The hassle-free service of this internet pharmacy will manage your repeat prescription for you.
In case of any questions related to this service, you can call on 03333 222 400. The repeat prescription service is great for you if you are busy with your work schedule and if you want to prevent the frequent trips to your GP to collect a paper prescription.
Why select Pharmacy Outlet for Repeat Prescription Service?
The Repeat Prescription Service of Pharmacy Outlet is absolutely safe, confidential and reliable. Only your prescribing GP, Pharmacy Outlet’s pharmacist and NHS authorities can have an access to your prescription. It is easy to manage your regular prescriptions with this service.
The service is available only if you pay for the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. It is a flexible service that can help you to get your prescription delivered free at your chosen address, but only in England.
The free reminder service through an email will make you aware about your next prescription due so that you do not run out of medicine. The professional pharmacy team of Pharmacy Outlet is aware of the fact that dealing with multiple prescriptions is quite time-consuming and tedious. Therefore, it offers hassle-free repeat prescription service. 
In addition, Pharmacy Outlet fulfils your single prescription. The pharmacist will be able to dispense your medication if you carry a single prescription. Nominate Pharmacy Outlet to dispense your single prescription and start reaping the benefits of free service and home comfort.
Click here to nominate Pharmacy Outlet to get started with electronic/repeat prescription service. You may even call on 03333 222 400 to know more about the repeat prescription service.
Remember that you must have a valid prescription issued by your doctor before nominating Pharmacy Outlet to fulfil your repeat prescriptions.

Men’s Health Week 2017 – Get Rid Of That Belly Fat

Getting and staying fit is not always easy and there is much more to be done than just eating vegetables and fruits.
Even if you have a normal body mass index (BMI), carrying excessive fat around your waist can increase the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, sexual health issues and even cancer.
The Men’s Health Week 2017 runs from June 12 to 18 and the theme this year is “belly fat”, also called abdominal obesity.
Your belly is probably one of the most dangerous places for fat accumulation. Men often tend to deposit excess fat around their waist, while women can deposit fat in their hips, thighs and legs.
Men are more likely to be overweight than women.
If your waist measures above 37 inches, you are at the risk of developing chronic diseases that could give rise to life-threatening complications.
Remember that your waist measurement is not as same as your trouser size. You must measure your waist at the belly button.
Want to know how you can bust your belly fat at home? See how you can get rid of abdominal obesity with these tips:
  • Eat right, include fruits and veggies, eat slowly and chew each mouthful before swallowing
  • Always think about healthy meals and healthy snacks
  • Do not eat in large proportions, do not overeat
  • Avoid foods rich in fat, salt and sugar
  • Stay physically active – go for a walk, run or swim
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Stay away from smoking (active and passive)
  • Manage stress with Yoga and meditation
These useful tips may help curb your belly fat.
The aim of this Men’s Health Week 2017 is to raise awareness about belly fat and how to get rid of it in order to stay healthy.
Pharmacy Outlet commemorates Men’s Health Week 2017 by encouraging men to check with healthcare professional on how to overcome belly fat.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Private Prescription Online For Viagra In UK

You must have a prescription in order to buy Viagra online in UK.
Pharmacy Outlet and Blackwater Pharmacy have teamed up to offer you online doctor service – PharmaDoctor. The service is to provide patients with an online consultation for some of the prescription-only medicines, including Viagra.
If your doctor has prescribed Viagra for your chronic erectile dysfunction issue, you can buy Viagra online through private prescription from Pharmacy Outlet.
If you want to buy Viagra through the online doctor service – PharmaDoctor, you need to complete a short medical questionnaire and choose your treatment. PharmaDoctor will analyse and evaluate your information and approve your treatment, if found suitable. You have to pay for the medicine and get it delivered to your home or office.
Online Doctor Service – PharmaDoctor
  • You can order private prescription online through PharmaDoctor
  • You need to pay for the treatment cost and private prescription online fee
  • You will undergo secured, confidential and discreet online consultation with the UK’s GMC registered doctor
  • Secure online payment (payment accepted after doctor’s confirmation)
  • Next day delivery is available
Private Prescription Online Viagra
If you have been issued a private prescription online for Viagra, you can have it delivered discreetly and securely by Pharmacy Outlet. The process is quite simple and convenient. In addition, this service is cheaper than the high street. What’s more, you get free delivery within the UK on order above £40 through private prescription.
How to order
All you need to do is call one of the helpful team members on 03333 222 400, who will be able to note down your details. If you do not have a private prescription, click here and consult online doctor service – PharmaDoctor, and get your medicine delivered through Pharmacy Outlet.
Remember that a prescription is a legal requirement before placing an order for Viagra medicine.

Repeat Prescription Online – Pharmacy Outlet

Patients taking regular medicine are usually able to get their repeat prescription online without having to see a GP on every occasion.
With each repeat prescription, there is a computer slip listing the medicines prescribed. This also helps inform patients about their prescription needs after reviewing by their doctor for further issue.
Pharmacy Outlet offers repeat prescription online service to those who are on regular medicine. It also advises patients to take a look at their slips and keep them safe.
Patients can request a repeat prescription in the following ways:
  • by using online prescription ordering service of Pharmacy Outlet
  • by posting your repeat prescription to the address – 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA
  • by visiting Blackwater Pharmacy to the aforementioned address and providing the prescription in person
  • by fax on 03333 222 400
Please note that in order to get started with repeat prescription online service, you must first register by completing the form available online.
The service is generally not advisable to patients who do not receive repeat prescription and who get their medicines from different pharmacies at all times.
Nominating Pharmacy Outlet is necessary to get started with the repeat prescription online service. Please allow at least 2 working days for processing your repeat prescription.
Repeat dispensing is a new way of receiving your medications or prescribed items without the need to seeing your doctor each time. If your prescription is regular and unchanging, this is an ideal method of getting your medicine.
Your GP will sign and provide an authorising repeat prescription online to your nominated pharmacy so that you get your medicine. You should place your order a week before you run out of your supply. You must see your doctor for review of your medicine. The pharmacist may be able to advise you when to see your GP for medicinal review.
Pharmacy Outlet offers repeat prescription online service to patients who reside in England. If you wish to change or cancel the nomination, you must first speak to the GP and pharmacist. You may need a fresh authorisation.

Men’s Health Week 2017 – Check Your Waist

It’s time to gear up for super-foods, salads and perform some exercise because it’s Men’s Health Week 2017. It is commemorated from 12th June to 18th June this year.
The international week for men’s health and wellbeing is celebrated globally during the week that ends with Father’s Day on 18th June. This health awareness week is aimed at the wellbeing of men.
The Men’s Health Week 2017 mainly focuses on belly fat. Know what you need to do if your waist is more than normal and why it can be dangerous to your health.
Previously, the initiative was focused on curbing stress and lifestyle changes, but this year experts are concentrating on raising awareness on the complications associated with belly fat.
Men are more vulnerable to belly fat than women. That’s because when they gain weight, the default place of fat storage is around the waist, whereas women can store extra fat in hips, thighs and legs.
A potbellied man usually runs out of default room (belly) for fat storage. Eventually, the fat accumulates in the vital organs of the body such as liver, pancreas and muscles. When this happens, men are at the risk of developing chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnoea, heart disease, erectile dysfunction and bowel cancer.
Men, it’s time to stand up for this and check your waist. If the figure is above 40 inches, you are at the risk of abovementioned diseases.
On this Men’s Health Week, experts tell you to “move more, eat well and keep a check on the booze”.
There are plenty to do to get rid of your belly fat. Start with healthy diet – include fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in essential nutrients. Hit the gym or start with simple aerobic exercises such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, etc. More importantly, quit smoking and limit alcohol intake (better if you avoid). Furthermore, find ways to control stress.
On this Men’s Health Week, Pharmacy Outlet advises people to check their waist and take proper action to curb belly fat.

Order Prescriptions Online To Prevent Frequent Trips To GP

Order Prescriptions Online

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) helps you to order prescription online and get your medicine without visiting your GP.

It is important that you talk to your GP and pharmacist before ordering prescriptions online. With this amazing service, you can order your medication right to your home. Call your doctor who will be able to send your prescription to the pharmacy you choose through IT systems. Remember that a GP and pharmacy should offer the NHS Electronic Prescription Service in order to get prescriptions online.

Pharmacy Outlet is one of the UK’s registered pharmacies that offer Electronic or Repeat Prescription Service as well as online GP service in association with PharmaDoctor.

Ordering repeat prescription is quick and simple. Nominate Pharmacy Outlet to get started with electronic prescription service and order prescriptions online. You can call on 03333 222 400 to know how to use the EPS. You will be speaking to one of the pharmacy professionals who will be able to explain you how to order prescriptions online.

With this amazing service, you will be able to get your medication right at your doorstep.

Pharmacy Outlet’s aim is to ensure that patients receive correct prescription medication in right quantity to manage their chronic conditions. The service also helps reduce the paper prescription waste and saves environment.

After nomination, a Pharmacy Outlet representative will collect your prescription from your doctor electronically. It will then dispense your medicine and deliver it to your preferred address in England only.

In addition, Pharmacy Outlet offers free reminder service via email about your prescription due. By making you aware of the prescription due, it prevents you from running out of medicine and helps pharmacist to have good control over stock.

You can change or cancel your nomination if you are unhappy with the service. Remember that you need to speak to your GP and Pharmacy Outlet’s executive before cancelling or changing your nomination.